Team Fletcher-Sign report from Cadiz Team Fletcher-Sign report from Cadiz

Our second training camp in Cadiz started with us all-getting to the airport on time and catching the flight. Quite an improvement from the first camp already! After a days travelling to Cadiz we headed straight to a little restaurant around the corner from our apartment before hitting the hay.

The focus for camp 2 was similar to the first only this time we had some foreign teams to mix it up with. It was looking like it was going to be quite light for the first week, so we made some clear goals on what we needed to work on. We have a great relationship with our training partners Chris and Peter, plus most of the time we both want to work on similar goals, which is ideal.

So for the first 5 days we got 2 sessions in a day plus a gym session in the evening. The gym session normally involved a lot of weights and not so much aerobic whilst Alain and I try to gain a few kilos. Its great going to the gym as a group, trying to push/snap one another and some of the faces that are pulled are hilarious.

What with all the sailing and gym plus early starts, cooking dinner and de-briefs we were having some long days. Normally getting up at 8am straight into what we were going to do that day over breakkie, go down rig the boats, go sailing, come in, get lunch, go sailing, get a snack, go to the gym, cook dinner/shower and finally de-brief. If we had finished by 9pm is was an early finish!

On the water we worked with Peter and Chris in the morning, looking at specific boathandling, starting, tuning et. Then in the afternoon we were do a short amount with Chris/Peter before doing a bit of racing with johnny foreigner. Its awesome to go racing this time of year with so many quality boats, normally we are back in Weymouth with just a few 49ers if we are lucky.

After a day off we had 4 more days on the water. The breeze picked up, which fitted in really well so we could test out a few things in the breeze before validating it in the afternoon racing. Seemed like a couple of the foreign teams needed to spend a lot more time in this wind strength than we did, with a few swims during the racing.

So after our second camp in Cadiz, we are pretty tired and looking forward to a week at home before heading out there on the 28th for the next camp.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who supports us and our sponsors for making our campaign happen!

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