Simon Potts joins the Allen Sales Team Simon Potts joins the Allen Sales Team

I first started sailing 20 years ago whilst at school, at a sailing centre supported by the Johnny Johnson Trust, called Youth Afloat. This is where I was introduced to racing as a young boy in Toppers. It was there that my passion for racing started and grew to what it is today.

During those early years, I cycled to my local sailing club and crewed in a Merlin Rocket. I was fortunate enough to live every new sailorís dream; having the opportunity to sail with a great sailor by the name of Peter Scott, who kindly took me to my first National championships and the legendary Merlin Salcombe week. It was here I realised sailing weeks were as much fun on as off the water!

My career as a crew had begun and although, initially, a little reluctant to not be at the helm, it has been an incredible journey since then. I am now starting to appreciate the benefits of my 20 years service as a crew and thanks to all of my excellent tutors at the helm, I can now steer in a straight line, unlike a few others out on the water!

My main focus and attention for 15 years was sailing with the late Richard Estaugh. He was legendary in the GP14 and Fireball classes and it was a privilege to know and be in a boat with such a gentleman and incredible sailor. I have also been fortunate enough to sail with Steve Morrison, Rob Greenhalgh, DJ Edwards, Shane McArthey, Mike bud and the unforgettable Chips Howarth at this yearís Endeavour Trophy.

Also this year, I was able to attend the Fireball Worlds in Barbados finishing third, the Wayfarer Worlds, also finishing third (as helm), the Solo Nationals, finishing fifth and the GP14 Nationals, finishing forth, protest pending a second. With all the sailing I have done, I feel I have considerable experience and the right background to help the team here at Allen Brothers grow and develop.

My working career has been predominantly in capital equipment sales in blue chip organisations, where I spent 5 years managing a very successful sales team. I have now been at Allen Brothers for four months and would like to think I will be able to share my commercial and sailing experience to help develop and hopefully grow, the changing and rapidly developing manufacturing side of the business. It is so exciting and rewarding, working in a company that designs, manufactures and develops itís products here in the UK Ė a country so passionate about and successful in dinghy sailing.

My aim is simply to help further promote the excellent quality and reliability of Allen Brothersí fittings, in as many fleets as possible. I look forward to going out on the water and showing you just how good they are!

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