Team Fletcher-Sign October update Team Fletcher-Sign October update

Well the last few weeks have been pretty busy for us, especially after having a few weeks off. We have hit our winter training programme hard this year, with lots of time on the water and in the gym. Most of our time on the water has been spent boat handling which takes quite a dip when we stop sailing for a month. It has been great to get back on the water but its not been easy. The last time we were doing full boat handling training was last winter, so there have been plenty of early nights and some funny moments on the water.

At the moment we are living with one of the other Skandia Team GBR 49er teams Dave and Ed in a cool house on the Weymouth side of the causeway. So far we have been having a ‘getting massive’ competition in the house which so far is being won by Dave who was already 4kg heavier than me when we started! This is all because we are going to Perth for most of November and a few days in December, we are heading out there as our 2011 Worlds are at a similar time of year next year. So it’s great to get some experience at the venue and there are not many places in the world that blow that consistently during that time of year. With the likely hood of it blowing 25 knots everyday we are trying to put on a few kilos. What this means is that we will get there and it will be less than 10 knots for the whole time and the locals saying 'it’s never like this'.. But we will see.

Our training has been going well and we think we have made a few decent gains in what we think is going to back the biggest difference next year. As well as the training on the water, the training off the water has been just as good. With Tuesday night being 'Fight Club' run by Steve Gent (Genty) who is Skandia Team GBR's strength and conditioning coach the competition has been heating up. We normally do a mix of agility work followed by getting the gloves and pads on which is the best part, then after 45mins to an hour (depending on how harsh Genty is feeling) we finish up with a bit of stretching. Then 2 days later you feel like your arms have stopped functioning!

We also had a National Ranker last weekend which was quite up and down for Alain and myself but we did make some good gains where we wanted to. In the first race Alain fell out of the boat after rounding the top mark in first, fortunately no one hit him as the followed me round but we did not finish the race. We then went on to win the next race before catching a big lump of weed in the last race and finishing 5th. On the Sunday we sailed out in the bay where we had 2m waves and 18 knots of breeze, a proper bit of noshing! We had a solid first race finishing in 3rd before making a fundamental error in the last race which was one of the 5 ways to screw up your race. The five ways being; capsizing, overstanding laylines, gear failure, crashing and being late for the start. We broke the rule by overstanding the last layline in to the finish and went from 3rd to 5th which was exactly where we went from overall as well, not a great finish. Then again we were a bit loose (sketchy) around the race course and achieved all our process goals that we set.

Right now we are doing some technical work before hitting the water hard again tomorrow and later I will be editing some video from our GoPro camera.

On a final note winter has arrived, last week it was freezing in weymouth at times.

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