Team Taylor-Alton at the 420 Worlds selectors

So it was time for the second world's selector at Highcliffe SC for the 420 fleet with my new crew Peter Alton. After the first selector we were lying in 9th open position which we were keen to improve after having had brilliant first day but a poor second day at the first selector and needed to get to 7th to be in the world's team.


We turned up on the Saturday morning to light winds and frozen cover straps on the boats...winter was getting closer! But we were in high spirits and looking forwards to getting out on the water. However, the day did not quite go to plan. We started off the day with a bad first race and the day just didnt seem to go our way from there. We did manage to improve our results but never managed to get up to where we needed to be. Our only consolations were that the other open teams behind us also had a bad day so we held 9th open pairing but with a 38 point gap to the team it was looking unlikely but the forecast was looking good for us for the next day. However, there were worries that it may be too windy to go sailing which we were really hoping not to happen but we could not control the weather, only hope!


After a windy night and many complaints from the campervanners about it being noisy and hard to sleep, serves them right really, we turned up and the club with 30knots blowing in from the English channel and big waves crashing on the beach. It wasn't looking very hopeful for us. The race committee put up a postponement hoping that the wind and waves on the beach that were making launching impossible would die down. Launching inside the harbour was contemplated but decided too dangerous due to the shallow waters and being so close to the concrete sea walls would have meant a high chance in loss of boats and serious injury. As it got to lunchtime and the wind was showing no sign of letting up the race committee abandoned racing for the day. This left us disappointed but was probably the right decision for the safety of the fleet. Unfortunately we had missed out on the team and so wouldn't get the chance to Argentina for the Worlds.


Although disappointed with the result, after reflection we realised that we had infact done pretty well seeing as Pete and I had only teamed up the weekend before the first selector and to put in the result we did in an extremely competitive fleet was pretty good. So the aim from here is to go beat the world's team at the End of Season's at the end of November and then go and race in Blanes, Spain at the start of January with a team of GBR sailors.


Chris Taylor

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