420 Team Taylor-Parker-Mowbray report from Brest 420 Team Taylor-Parker-Mowbray report from Brest

So it was the start of the summer sailing and we had just completed our first event of the summer sailing in Flanders, Belgium which had not been the most successful event results wise but being a process regatta we came away with high spirits and looking forwards to the French Nationals in Brest.

We arrived in Brest at around lunchtime on the Saturday and quickly got through measurement with no issues so went out for a bit of a sail. With the wind at about 12 knots and the sun out we were looking forward to therest of the week being similar...until we looked at the forecast. It was looking as if it was going to be a wet and windy week but we were atleast happy to for once get an event in a decent breeze being some of the heavier pairings.

Racing started on Monday with 105 boats split into two flights for 3 races in a 12knot building breeze. We were second start for the day which was a bonus as it meant we could sail thesame beat every time in the races as we were inner loop course. Our first race went relatively well and we put in a solid 21st to start off the regatta.This gave us a boost and a good platform to work from. With the clouds coming overit was time to put on some warmer gear for the second race but we also saw the wind increasing and knew we could use it to our advantage.The second and third of the day came and went with several general recalls on both starts and a number of boats being black flagged. Wemanaged toput in a 15th and a 9th. We went off the water that day lying 22nd overall and pleased with our days sailing, unlike some others from the GBR team who hadn't been so lucky with their starting

Day 2 was much the same weather with the wind increasing for the second race which we wereleft on the wrong settings for most of the race as the wind increased. Despite this we managed to pick up a 28th in that racewhich turned out to be our discard as we put in a 15th and 7th in the first and third races of that day. This left us 25th overnight which wasn't as high as we may have hoped but we were still very pleased and we had so very consistent results.

Day 3 of the event was the 50th anniversary celebration of the 420 class and we were meant to be sailing a raid which you had to sail in but did not count towards the event. However, with the wind in the high twenties the race officer decided to postpone all racing that day much to the delight of most of the sailors.

Day 4 of the event was the first day of Gold and Silver fleet racing. With wind in the mid twenties the race officer decided only to send the Gold fleet out and us being in the top half of the fleet and it being windy we were well up for it. We went out and did three windy and tiring races and we managed to put in a 17th, 13th and a 20th in extremely challenging conditions and we were left 17th overall after racing. Unfortunately the silver fleet did not sail that day much to the disappointment of many of the GBR sailors who really wanted to get out there and race.

Day 5 and the final day of racing was similar conditions once again and so only the Gold fleet launched. We did two races which gave us another discard and we knew that we would drop a bit because of our consistency but we went out there being positive and managed a 20th and a 12th which left us 20th overall on count back as we were joint points with 19th. The silver finally launched after we came ashore and did one race which pleased most of the sailors but not all.

The event was a great experience for us and we learnt a lot about how we should approach our events from now on and we proved that we can put great results in consistently with our discards being a 28th and a 21st for the week. We managed to get through the week without a single breakage and all of the hardware provided by Allen did its job perfectly and i haven't had to replace any of it unlike several other boats with other makes of blocks and cleats etc on.

Chris Taylor

James Parker-Mowbray


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