Team Taylor/Parker-Mowbray Pwllheli Selector Team Taylor/Parker-Mowbray Pwllheli Selector

For Team Taylor/Parker-Mowbray this was the last selector in the series for the Worlds and Junior Europeans teams. After a poor start to the season we were out to show that we could get in the mix at the front of the fleet.

The Saturday was spent sunbathing on the beach in the sun as there was no wind and after 6 hours of waiting around the race officer finally decided that enough was enough and we could all de-rig and go home for the night.

The next morning was a stark contrast with 20knots blowing from the north which meant that it was a lot colder so the steamers had to be put back on after hoping that as it was May we had got past that point. We launched ready for a 1055 start in high spirits as the conditions were looking good for us.

The first race started with 2 postponed starts as the wind started to swing round and became slightly unstable. On the third attempt we got away but with a bad start it wasn't looking too promising. However, by the approach to the top mark we had got back into the top ten but then a disastrous misjudged layline with the tide meant that we got stuck on the windward mark and there was nothing that we could do. The rest of the race is best not mentioned as the wind started to swing in 180 degree shifts and was changing from 10 - 20knots in the blink of an eye.

The next race started well with us winning the middle of an all clear start. We rounded the top mark third and with a slickhoist it looked like this race was going to be a good one. By the next windward wehad dropped a place to fourth but it was still looking promising. However after a bad decision todrop the kite for the last reach asthe 3 boats ahead of us had done we ended up losing 10 places as one boat with their kite still up sailed overus and a whole group followed. We ended up with a respectable but rather disappointing 14th, but we now knew that we could do it.

The last race of the day and series started with us going out left as we had done in the previous race but with the wind starting to flick right we rounded the windward mark in 15th. We then decided to keep with the fleet down the run and try and gain going back upwind. By the next and final windward mark of the series we had got to 14th after a right handed beat made it hard to gain places. We then held this position to the finish.

Our final result was 16th counting the 30th from the first race which we were still pleased with as we knew that if we had done another race and gotten a discard then we could have ended up in the top ten with other peoples results being all over the place. Unfortunately we did not qualify for the team but we are know looking forwards to both Flanders and the French Nationals in July, the Nationals at the end of August and then hoping to qualify for the World's team for Argentina at Christmas with the selectors being in September/October.

I would like to thank Allen for the reliable gear they have provided us with as we had no breakages at all (apart from my hands) in the very challenging conditions we faced and this gave us the knowledge that we could push the boat hard to get the boat out of it.

Chris Taylor (helm)

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