Team Fletcher-Sign training in Weymouth Team Fletcher-Sign training in Weymouth

Last week Alain and I were down in Costa del Weymouth for a week of intense tuning and testing with fellow Allen team sailors Pink/Peacock. With the rest of Skandia Team GBR over in France for a regatta it was unusually empty at the sailing academy, but at least it meant we had loads of room on the water. Our focus for the week was testing our equipment and tuning our rig up - because youre a tactical genius if you are the fastest boat on the course, and that would make our life a bit easier!

Day one went well with a session out in Weymouth bay, with loads of rig changes and experimenting we did not realise that we had been on the water for 3 hours and only doing about 10 tacks! The idea of tuning is that you have 2 boats that line up close enough to each other so that the wind is similar and then you just try and go fast. Then you change rig settings or how you sail the boat to try and make it faster. Quite a simple format but takes forever to come up with something good. At least we had 4 more days of it to look forward to.

After a bit of starting practise to finish the session off we headed in and de-briefed. Then Pinky and myself got back into our wetsuits and headed out at 7:45pm for a quick wakeboard. We ended up having an epic little blast in some glamour flat water under the harbour wall before heading in at 9pm.

The rest of the week was spent with plenty of hours on the water tuning and evenings de-briefing in the Olympic Performance Centre but no more wakeboarding or kitesurfing unfortunately. It was great spending a week with just 2 boats and a coach (Ian Martin) really focusing on boat speed, with the squad training its hard sometimes to put focusing on ourselves sometimes. We think that we have got faster over the week and learned a lot about our rig, now we just need to test it against the rest of the squad at the National Ranker next weekend.

This week we are in the next stage of our program focusing on our boat-handling, which we need to get some hours in to get it back to our high standards.

Thanks again to all our sponsors that make our campaign a reality - Great Bear, Joules Clothing, Allen Brothers

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