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We are very pleased to be celebrating our 2nd year of successful trading with our own brand of high quality dinghy fittings. With the onslaught of the recession in 2009 much of the marine industry began to feel the strain. However, during this time Allen has forged some excellent new business relationships and seems to have emerged out of the gloom, stronger and more excited for the future. “I hope 2010 will be a much more buoyant year for us all in the trade; the factory here is geared up and humming with production and the team just seems to be buzzing with enthusiasm and optimism!” Liz Adams Marketing Director “Our design and product development teams have been very busy over the last year working closely with many of the UK boat builders developing bespoke products for their dinghy development programmes. They have also continued to work on new and innovative additions to our high performance product range such as the following new products which we will be launching this weekend at the RYA Dinghy Show.”

New Products for Spring 2010

CNC Aluminium rudder stockAllen brings you a unique rudderstock design which is based on innovative interlocking precision machined components and offers the ability to customise for different dinghy classes. The design does away with chunky pintle and gudgeon brackets by integrating them into the main section to give a clean invisible fixing.

Not only does this new concept give you a clean, cutting edge look, the stock itself offers a 25% weight reduction in comparison to a traditional design. The final assembly is very stiff and robust, making the tiller and helm far more responsive and it looks great too!

Allen’s PTFE impregnated hard anodised aluminum A..87 High load thimblethimbles have been designed for use where the fashion has been to replace the standard block in a cascade Vang/Kicker system. The simple design is light yet able to withstand high-static tension and small movement loads. The thimble is simply spliced into the system using modern ropes such as Vectran or Dyneema.

Allen’s pioneering design team have created the new 20mm cheek block for highly loaded A2026M 20mm Cheek blockdeck mounted control lines. With the Allen dynamic bearing technology at its heart, providing high performance action and the innovative ‘T Base’ at its core to distribute the load evenly, you get the best performance and strength in the smallest ball bearing cheek block in our range.

Following the success of our 60mm switchable ratchet block (A2160) we have been A2140 40mm Switchable ratchetbegged by sailors and builders alike to produce a more compact (40mm) version for use on the sheeting system of a high performance dinghy such as the 29er/49er or RS400. It can also be used for traditional spinnaker trimming on dinghies such as the Merlin Rocket or Fireball.

The design of the sheave is proven for low rope wear whilst giving sufficient grip when required and the switching mechanism can be turned on or off under load.

The compact design of this mainsheet jammer is perfect for use on dinghy classes such as A4166COMP-ASSMirror, Cadet and Solo. The reduced height of the sturdy arms allows for lower sheeting angles, whilst the low friction swivel base effortlessly slides into position as you tack. The A.677 cam cleat with over-fairlead will confidently cleat and release when you need it to and the ratchet block gives added holding power when required. The product could also be used as part of a Kicker/Cunningham system on larger dinghies and keel boats.

Also available without ratchet block. (A4166COMP)

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