Sunshine and blue seas - Cata-cup - St Barths 2012 Sunshine and blue seas - Cata-cup - St Barths 2012

Allen fitted out F18 helmed by Todd Riccardi

"Thought you might like to see some pictures from the St. Barth Catacup a couple weeks ago.

We put the Allen stickers inside the bows because of all the sponsor logos they make us put on the outside!

There’s some pretty awesome videos on you guys feel a need to warm up.

We tied for 8th out of 57 but lost the tiebreaker… we were in 4th in the last race, which would have comfortably put us in 5th overall but we made one mistake and lost 9 boats that we couldn’t get back. Still not bad for an international fleet of competitors, there were guys that were in the top 10 at worlds that didn’t make the top 10 here!"

Todd Riccardi

Marine Hardware Sales

Bainbridge International Inc

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