Remy Thuillier - 470 Christmas race - Palamos Remy Thuillier - 470 Christmas race - Palamos

The 2011 Christmas Race in Palamos was my first regatta with my new crew on a new boat. Moving from Fireball to 470 : that changes !

Since September we train four days a week in Brest and after four months of training we looked forward to this regatta to measure our level against the other teams.

First day :

The wind is blowing betwin 15 and 18 knots. Good weather for us.

The first start was really good and we well managed the first beat untill the windward mark where we missed two gusts and we loose at least 15 places. And because of the higher level of competition in 470 we fail to rise in the ranking. We finished 22nd.

The two next races were better : we get to follow the wind with a quite good speed. We finished 13th and 16th.

Second day :

No wind. The race committee send us on the water… And we were waiting for the wind, it was really cold. And after few hours all races cancelled for the day. And as usually, ten minutes after the cancellation, the wind comes back…

Third day :

Light wind, betwin 7 and 11 knots.

The first race was really hard. The wind was very very shifty and passed the windward mark in last position. But we managed to rise in the ranking to 26th .

In the second race of the day made a very good start, maybe too good…

We worked hard during this race to finish 8th but we were OCS and very disapointed. Actually this OCS undermine our morale for the end of the regatta.

We made 14th place in the last race of the day with some luck.

Last day :

Light wind, again for the first race and 15 knots for the last race. A bad day to finish. We made 23th in the first race of the day. For the final race we tried to finish this regatta well. And we succeded until the last mark when we capsized and lost a lot of places to finish 23th again.

So we finished 26th / 30. We are quite disapointed by the results but the way we sailed was even rather good. Then we are going to train more to get better results in the future. And we want to thank Allen a lot for his support in this ordeal.

Rémy Thuillier-FRA 5

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