Fletcher - Sign report from the 49er Worlds, Perth Fletcher - Sign report from the 49er Worlds, Perth

So the Worlds went awfully for us, it was our worst regatta ever just edging out the last worlds we did in Australia a few years ago. Right not we are both feeling sorry for ourselves but thats not going to get us anywhere, we have already sat down with coach Paul to try to start to understand what went wrong. It has been extremely hard on us this week, by far the most testing time of our sailing careers. We went to Perth with only one thing in mind, a gold medal, and at the end of it we came away with our worst performance ever.

We are so disappointed in ourselves, feel like we have let our supporters, sponsors, coach, team and most of all each other. Especially when we have felt like we had the best ever training and build up, we would not have changed anything.

The first day started off well a couple of good results and looking good to win the last race before we stuck it in the tide and capsized! But it was still good and we were happy with how we were sailing, if we had carried on we would probably be in a very different position right now. Then day 2 started badly getting stuck on the wrong side of a big shift, bounced back in race 2 even managing to cross the whole fleet on port at the start! That is certainly something we have never seen anyone do at a worlds before. Then we were having an average last race until we missed the windward mark when they moved it and had another bad result. By this time it just felt like we kept getting knocked down, out of 6 races we had 3 counters and 3 shockers!

On to gold fleet racing, but things started getting worse, although we had good speed and started well we were just not sailing well coupled with getting knocked down again. We just were not able to sort it out, in the past we have had bad races and days but we have always bounced back. Not this time, we actually just got worse, we have got some ideas why and hopefully we can learn from them and ensure it never happens again, It cannot happen again, we may have just about got away with it due to no Brits medalling.

Now we need to have some time to really think what exactly went wrong, chill out and get motivated to come back out to Perth in January training. Right now I am in Singapore airport waiting to the BA flight back to cold, snowy, christmas spirited England, really looking forward to getting home.

At the end of all of this we are a stronger team, we will bounce back and we can only get better.

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