Fireball Worlds Report from Remy Thuillier Fireball Worlds Report from Remy Thuillier

Fireball Team Thuillier-Berthelot Worlds Ireland We arrived in Sligo on June 16th evening, after thirty hours of travel (half the ferry from Cherbourg to Rosslare). We got a little scared when French customs has kindly pointed out to one of us that his ID was expired for 3 years and it might be repressing illico when arriving by ferry . Fortunately everything went well on arrival: the Irish Customs saw usarrive, "French ...?" A cynical grimace on his part, a gesture of the hand and is passed as a letter to the post!
June 17th, a day to prepare the boats. We wanted to sail but can not because of ...becalmed. Yes! The final day of pre-World has also been canceled. And the weatherlooks pretty light for next week. Sunday, June 19: It is the championship has begun! And contrary to what everyone expected, was the soft ... and it will last all week, except perhaps on Thursday. A championship of lignt winds in Ireland ... What's wrong! At least it's almost beautiful, which according to ourfeedback is not entirely been the case in France hey hey ...
Race 1 : after two general recalls one starts in Black Flag in 8-10 knots. BFD with 4 crews, we take this opportunity to get a handle 7.
Race 2 : after a long wait, one starts in the 5-6 knots. After a great start we misscompletely our approach to windward mark and finish 15th. It's a shame, the speed was there ...
In general, regular pay: Burge / Wagstaff 1-1, McGovern / Capener 2-2. We are 8th. June 20 : A race started and then canceled after two rounds, even shame.
June 21 : starting on the water waiting for the wind for 4 hours ... And 4 hours spent in dry beans is a long time! And of course, 5 minutes after the cancellation for the day, the wind and the sun comes back. What misery! June 23: a lot of crews have been victims of the Black flag, the most notable being Burge / Wagstaff, who dominate the debate on water (1-1-1 over the first 3 innings, and BFD-OCS on rounds 2 and 1) but are unlikely to claim the title, except four races sailed June 24 (for a second discard), which is unlikely. Vince Horey also took a second BFD today, which also puts out of the race for the title or the podium. French side, much more difficult day for us all. Expected, but it was well confirmed: in the breeze (20 knots today), it takes much against the best GBR, AUS (Ben Schulz) and some IRL. The lack of training in these conditions is acute in this year of light winds ... Our races : 13-12-19. We are 11th overall.

Moreover, the general feeling that grows on this regatta is that the race committee is "a bit light":
- Web surprising decision on Monday and Tuesday = sending sailors on the water in the big soft, several hours of waiting and cancel early when the wind returned several minutes later. One would validate at least one race per day
- Non-display BFD / OCS on the committee boat. The committee is not required, but I think that Burge / Wagstaff would not have taken the same basis for the final round oftoday if they had known they were the previous BFD (instead of learn on the way to the parking lot)
- Failure to anchor the committee boat on the first race today, so that the line was opening more and more as and competitors!
- Most importantly, modification of the program today with the first update available at 10am instead of 13h with 4 races planned to catch up to us eventually go down at 14:30 when the sky is blue and falling wind (15 knots) ...
- ... taking a bonus for competitors fools (the official reason for early return ashore: "Concerns for safety sailors" (sic))
- Finally, another modification of the program for last day (making available at 10am instead of 11am) displayed out of time Yes, against all odds we ran four races Friday 24, under conditions a little difficult ... In about 10 knots at the first race, the wind gradually rose to reach over 30 knots for the fourth.

A fourth round of crazy, sent just minutes before the deadline after a third race shortened and without waiting for the last who were still in the race (!!). Every effort was made ​​to run this race ninth synonymous with the second discard. Ranked only 26, and a lot of favorites went swimming. So pretty hellish conditions, rain and Krcher permanent. We chose to play it "safe" not to take risks, not capsize, finish the race. We finished 19th in this race so crazy. In the end, Burge / Wagstaff won the championship in extremis, level on points with the crew Gillard / Brearey, do the little young Europeans who won in September. Wade /Potts completed the podium with a sensational final day (2-1-1-2) and the seconddiscard them to erase their bad scores from the first day.

We finished 15th and a little disappointed with some more training in difficult conditionswe would have been entitled to a better place ... That's life!
We thank Allen for his support and for the excellent hardware supplied which was severely tested during this championship. Remy FRA 14917

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