Fireball Team Thuillier-Berthelot - Brittany Fireball Team Thuillier-Berthelot - Brittany

After long trainings this winter the Fireball season begins in La Baule in Brittany 1st and 2nd May. We arrived fairly confident because our feelings are good after our winter workouts. This is our first major regatta of the season, event preparation for the World Championship in Ireland in June.
The French fleet has moved to this first event with almost 30 boats.
The regatta begins with a long wait on the water. In fact the wind is missing. However, the race committee sent the first race in a very light wind. The line is very poorly wetted and there is a general recall. After this missed start the wind collapses completely, the race committee cancelled the races of the day. We are obviously disappointed because we wanted to do battle against the other crews.
On Sunday the race committee sent us very early on the water to make up races. The wind is still not very strong; it will oscillate throughout the day between 5 and 9 knots. The first race started well for us. We move into second position to the windward mark. Undertakes a big fight with another crew but we fail to overcome them and finish second to a few meters.

The second race is well for us because we are winning with a very big lead after digging away with a great downwind speed.
The wind will be very low for the last two races, which is not to our advantage. We finished 3rd in the race 3 and 6th in the last race.
We finished 2nd overall, equal with the first boat helmed by Ludovic Alleaume the best French helmsman of Fireball of all time but now retired, who was sailing for pleasure. The results of this regatta are very tight as the first 4 boats are held by only one point.
We wish to thank Allen for their support and valuable help. We will give the best of ourselves to bring better results for future events.

Remy Thuillier

FRA 14917

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